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One Man Raft Kickboat: An Inflatable Raft Better Than A Drift Boat

The best kickboat raft on any river or lake for Total Access!


Water Strider

Water Strider Raft Kickboats are Inflatable Rafts for Fishing, Hunting and Whitewater Rafting. The best one man or one woman raft on any river or lake.  Expedition river rafting equipment that's designed for real adventure.

Water Strider chosen by Field & Stream Best of the Best Awards
for Fishing Craft!


Click here or on the photo below to read what Field & Stream Editors
had to say about the Water Strider.

Dave Inks fly fishing from his Water Strider on the Lochsa River in Idaho.

Thanks Dave.. I'm loving my boat!

Yesterday I hiked it up bear trap canyon on the Madison and had a spectacular day catching 18-22 inch rainbows in the middle of huge caddis hatches.. the boat allows you to get to places where nobody else fishes.
The boat handles extremely well, and I'm totally confident even in big water.. (although I will not run the kitchen sink rapid --class V -- I'm confident but not foolish..) it's easy to maneuver quickly in pushy water, easy to ferry across big water, and I'm impressed with how solid the rowing is.. last week I floated the Yellowstone with gale force winds blowing upstream, and had to pull hard the whole way down.
Can't wait to do some backcountry adventures with the boat..
looking forward to many years of fun..

Best, Geoff Stephens
Kickboat it up a notch! Get a Water Strider kickboat raft now and be ready for outdoor fun and adventure on your favorite river or lake!

Order your Water Strider Raft Kickboat now!

Available in two colors: 



Water Strider Kickboat Raft
Shipping weight: 33 lbs.
Price: $1,795.00

Only $1795.00

Every new Water Strider raft now comes standard with:

  • 3 Piece HD Oars with Storage Bag

  • Inflatable back rest

  • Model K 100 hand pump

  • Heavy Duty Waterproof Dry Bag

  • Ruled Stripping Apron

  • Patch kit & Instructional DVD

  • New Roll Up Instructions

  • Quick Release Fins With Studs For Traction


With a Water Strider you can Grab it and Go, light weight, high performance fishing boat that will change the way you go fishing.

Top 5 Points:

1. Grab –n-Go convenience:  The boat weigh is only 18.6 pounds and it comes in it’s own backpack. You can even hitch a ride with it.

2. High Performance:  Super nimble and easy to row or fin. You have full control and can even row back up stream along the edge in the slower water.

3. Gets easy access to thousands of the best rarely used spots:  You no longer have to use boat launches, trailer, guides or a partner to row the boat.

4. Go when and where the fish are biting:  Let the fishing dictate when and where you go. Have complete freedom.

5. Travel to Exotic Places cheap: You no longer have to rent a boat and guide to get to the best fishing; Take trips anywhere like Alaska, New Zealand, British Columbia and Montana Rivers.

Fulfill your own fantasy !!!

When you make your decision please consider these features of the Water Strider.

Our patented inflatable floor/seat/deck will help you make the right decision.

1. The deck/ floor is designed to sit low in the water and give you more buoyancy plus less visibility for the fish to see over the regular Pontoon boat. Your feet with the fins down does not spook the fish but things high above the water sure does. The lower you are to the surface of the water the more stable you are.

2. The inflatable Floor gives a lot of extra buoyancy by distributing the weight better. All of the weight is usually behind the center line so more inflation is needed to float high and level with the surface of the water.

3. A shallower draft gives significantly better performance like speed, maneuverability and ease of handling.

4. The inflatable Seat gives great comfort with out adding weight from other attachments like hard seats. The softness of the Seat is adjustable for each person. The combination of the Inflatable Floor/Air Ride Seat is the answer for a long day on the river.

5. The Inflatable Floor gives you more stability and allows one to make a smaller package when rolled up and also saves weight over other designs. When rowing the Water Strider you will find by leaning forward a bit and making quick strokes with the oar blades only in the water you move much easier. Leaning forward raises the rear and allows one to plane like water skiing. Using the current of the river is also an advantage to crossing to the other side quickly. Turn sideways to the current and let the rear of the Water Strider angle just a bit down stream of the front then lean forward take quick strokes and you will be amazed how quickly you can cross the river.

6. Light durable extra function was our goal to provided you with the best.

7. We have always said that PERFORMANCE IS THE ONLY TEST.


"Your boats are fantastic and Owen and I have had many enjoyable hours fishing with them. I have a five and a half metre boat and we blow them up and throw them on the back. We can move around a lake all day trying different spots.
If I had one day to live I would prefer to spend it in Fiordland on a perfect sunny day float boating the bush edge with a dry fly!"

Kind Regards....Jim R


Mike Clifford's Trout

The Water Strider™ one man or one woman raft system is a kickboat style self-bailing raft. The Water Strider raft is expertly designed to be the toughest whitewater fishing, hunting and fun raft on the planet. The Water Strider is the most dependable, most ruggedly made fishing raft or hunting raft available because it's made of the highest grade of raft making materials used by any manufacturer. This versatile one man or one woman raft really has no competition.  There is no comparison, far superior to drift boats, pontoon boats and large rafts..  There simply isn't a better kickboat raft on any river or lake anywhere!  You can watch a Water Strider in action video here.  See for yourself!

New Improvements for the Season!

Kickboat it up a notch! Water Strider is now Expedition Grade.

Get a Water Strider Kickboat Raft now and be ready for  outdoor adventure on your favorite river or lake.

Only $1,795.00

Download the new  Water Strider Brochure by clicking here.

Read about the updated Water Strider here.

Dave Lambroughton running a New Zealand RiverThe first time I used my Water Strider we ran some serious Class III rapids on the Dean River in British Columbia  without a hitch while carrying 120 pounds of camping and $10,000 worth of camera gear.

Dave and I also ran some serious Grade 3 and 4 rapids on the Rangitikei River in New Zealand.

Running rapids in a Water Strider is the most fun you can have with your waders on!

Ron Castle, Tennessee

Water Strider's Dean River Adventure is now on YouTube!

New Zealand White Water Rafting Photos -- Rangitikei River January 2006


PROBAR the first great tasting, convenient, high-performance, meal replacement energy bar is now available at WaterStrider.com!

Dave Lambroughton
on New Zealand's 
Tongariro River

Water Strider™
designs and manufactures the highest quality expedition grade one man or woman rafts available on the planet. If you like to run rivers, if you like to float and fly fish, if you want to pack in to your secret lake, if you like to duck hunt, you don't have to use heavy, cumbersome, difficult to maneuver rafts or drift boats when you want to go float fishing, hunting or rafting for fun. You can do it yourself whenever you want to enjoy floating your favorite river or lake. When you're ready to fly fish, hunt or just enjoy a fun river float, a Water Strider raft is ready to go whenever you are.

What the heck is a Kickboat?

Water Strider's open floor design let's you sit on the air ride seat to propel and steer the Water Strider raft with fins on your feet while you keep both hands free for casting and landing fish.
In shallow water you can stand up and wade while the Water strider floats around you. There's no better way to fish! Makes a good hunting boat, too. Click here to see hunting ideas.

See Water Strider Raft Kickboat features in detail here >>

The Water Strider Raft Kickboat is a complete system... and then some!  Dave Inks is a raft master!  This is the best fly fishing boat there is!  Better than a drift boat.

Water Strider™ has the flotation capacity to carry all of the equipment to enjoy river and lake kickboat rafting adventures. Dave's rafting equipment, camping and camp kitchen gear are designed to work together as an integral part of the entire Water Strider one man or woman rafting system. Check out Dave's complete line of personal kickboat rafting gear and discover a great new way to enjoy floating, fishing and hunting on your favorite rivers and lakes!  Water Strider is rafting fun at its best.

When you want to fish out of a Water Strider, you can fish while floating or stop, stand up and cast!

Dave Inks shows how it's done.  You can stand up in shallow water through the open floor of your Water Strider to make your best cast.  Even in current the raft floats with little drag.

Want to learn how to fly fish from a Kickboat? 

Read Dave's how-to article here.


Kickboat it up a notch! Get a Water Strider kickboat raft now and be ready for outdoor fun and adventure on your favorite river or lake!

Order your Water Strider Raft Kickboat now!

Available in two colors: 



Water Strider Kickboat Raft
Shipping weight: 33 lbs.
Price: $1,795.00

Only $1795.00

Every new Water Strider raft now comes standard with:

  • 3 Piece HD Oars with Storage Bag

  • Inflatable back rest

  • Model K 100 hand pump

  • Heavy Duty Waterproof Dry Bag

  • Ruled Stripping Apron

  • Patch kit & Instructional DVD

  • New Roll Up Instructions

  • Quick Release Fins With Studs For Traction




Glen and his dog enjoying a fall day on the Bitterroot River.

Dear Water Strider,

This August for fifth time we took a float plane in to the Togiak wilderness in Alaska. This is a 2 million acre wilderness whose great rivers flow into the Berring sea in Bristol Bay. The three of us take your boats , bear fence and everything we need for 10 days of fishing and floating one the great rivers there. Many of these rivers have headwater sections with river depths of only a few inches and even when loaded to the max, the worst we have to do is stand up inside the boat and walk a few feet and then sit down again. Being able to just stand up in the boat and stop and fish makes prospecting for holes efficient and about as easy as it can be.

We have modified our boats a little for long expeditions and extra heavy loads with a few extra rings and two rear handles so we can lift the heavily loaded sterns out of the fast water without having to drag them but otherwise they are just stock boats.

After probably 500 miles and 50 days in the wilderness they look brand new and nothing comes close to their performance and their tremendous load carrying capacity for a one man boat. We love being able to bring our boats up near our tents...carrying them with a couple of fingers instead of two men. There just isn't better one man expedition boat made. In between I have been using mine on the Big Horn, the Green River and the Snake and carrying this light weight marvel long distances into isolated trout lakes in the Boundary Waters Wilderness in Minnesota. These boats are simply the best you can buy for expeditions on Alaska rivers and its also one boat that will do it all as well as any other boat made.

Jeff M.
November 2007


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Touch Screen Fishing Gloves

NEW!!! K Pump K-20 High Pressure “SUP”
(Stand up paddle board) pump.

Boat Safety Kit

Dual Function Light and Safety Whistle

Safety Rope with Float

We've Got Pumps! Check out the new
Air Pumps for 2012!

Dave's selection of electric, bicycle style and foot air pumps makes inflating your Water Strider a breeze.

BTP 12 Digital
Raft and Kite Pump

Electric Kite Air Pumps >>

K- 40 Pump

Raft Pumps >>

Kwik Check Pressure Guage

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NEW Seychelle Stainless Steel Filterd Water Bottle

NEW Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle

Wind River Boat Bag & Chest Pack

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Personalized Fly Box

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The Measure Net

Measure Net the perfect gift for all your flyfishing friends.
The all new Measure Nets
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