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One Man Raft Kickboat: An Inflatable Raft Better Than A Drift Boat

The best kickboat raft on any river or lake for Total Access!


Bear Repellent Portable Electric Fence

Sleep safe and sound when camping in bear country.


Keep bears out, not in your camp, with our bear repellent electric fence!

Bear protection for  your camp! The best defense for bear safety in your camp is a powerful offense.  The Yellow Jacket bear repellent electric fence really works.  Bear safety is foremost  when in bear country.  This is the best bear repellent for float camping in bear country.

 NEW!  Back Packer/Hunter Yellow Jacket

Protect you and your camp from predators. Total weight is 6 pounds and is modular packed so you can put it in small pocket and easily carry it in a day pack or backpack. Comes in a Water Strider water bucket.

Easy to carry and also to have water for camp and to make sure the ground is wet when you set it up.

Ideal for Hunters and Fishermen and Backpackers or anyone camping in the great outdoors. Operates on 4 D-cell or 6 volt or 12 volt battery (not furnished). Very easy to use and quick to set up. A full instruction manual is included. Maximum output is .25 Joules. This will put the old Griz on the run.

Back Packer/Hunter Kit Contents:

1 B10L1 fence controller
1 Water Bucket (holds everything easy to carry)
4 Screw in insulators
4 Three piece fence posts with wire clips
1 250 foot of electric fence wire with Stringliner winder
1 Universal Fence Tester
1 Package of nylon cord (100’)
1 package nylon cable ties (10)
1 10 foot insulated ground wire.
1 10 foot hot flag tape to make the wire visible to others.

Item Name:
Back Packer/Hunter
YELLOW JACKET Portable Electric Fence Kit

Shipping weight: 6 lbs.
Price: $225.00


The Yellow Jacket Portable Electric Fence comes in the handy Water Strider water bucket.


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Safety and Camping Gear.

YELLOW JACKET Portable Electric Fence Kit

When that old bear touches his big wet nose on your Yellow Jacket portable electric fence 8,000 volts going ZAP will give him something to think about other than coming into your camp uninvited.  Yellow Jacket is a great bear repellent product that provides a high degree of bear safety as an alternative to bear pepper spray.  And, this bear repellent electric fence works while you are away from camp or sleeping.

Light, easy to pack, easy to set up, this portable large critter and bear deterrent charges up to 10 miles of fence and operates on only 4 D cell size flashlight batteries and is about the size of a quart of milk! The unit produces around 8,000 volts of attention-getting ZAP that will definitely keep a horse or cow in a pasture and an uninvited bear out of your camp.

Dave designed the Yellow Jacket to help give some added protection for your camp when you are in the wilderness. The Yellow Jacket bear repellent portable electric fence comes complete with everything you need to set up and use except the batteries. There's a roll of wire for a 500 feet long fence. If the wire gets broken you can twist tie it in a knot an it is working again.

The Yellow Jacket bear repellent portable electric fence has a high and a low setting and a flashing light indicator that shows that the unit is working. When you're floating and camping beside the river bears usually come and go from the water hunting salmon or drinking and are usually wet. This will give the fence great conductive contact and excellent results. We provide a supply of nylon cable ties and nylon jump cord so you can install the fence almost any place you want with very little effort. Rest easy in bear country.  Yellow Jacket is a great bear deterrent.

That's a size 12 wader boot beside fresh "young" Grizzly tracks, along the banks of Goose Creek near Talkeetna, Alaska.  The dead salmon is a spawned out Pink.  We saw two Griz this day.  The big one persuaded us to stop fishing!
Photo by Ron Castle, August 2002.

This kit can now be used as a back pack model also just by using the controller, water bucket, coated copper ground wire, a few insulators, cord, cable ties Flag, and tester. This way you have both in one package and can be used. We find this is a very use full package by allowing you to be very portable if needed.

Portable Kit Contents:
1 Yellow Jacket Fence Controller
1 Roll (500 feet) Electric Fence Poly Wire
1 Coated ground rod
4 Four Foot Poly step posts (2 piece can be 2' or 4'
10 Screw-in Insulators for trees or posts
100' nylon cord
100 Cable Ties
10' High Viz Wire Tags
1 wire tester
1 PVC Water Bucket

Item Name:
YELLOW JACKET Portable Electric Fence Kit
Shipping weight: 25 lbs.
Price: $245.00

"We used the Yellow Jacket bear repellent electric fence on Alaska's Kodiak Island in an area where we knew we'd see bears. When a bear touched the Yellow Jacket fence, it turned on its haunches and was gone! We still follow all the clean camp safety rules but we're resting a lot easier now on all our camping trips! Thanks for a great product that really works!"  - Jim S.

Yellow Jacket Specifications
Battery-powered 8,000 volt low-impedance bear repellent electric fence kit

  • 3 battery options: 4 D-cell flashlight batteries or 6-volt or 12-volt external batteries; pulsed DC output (1-second intervals)

  • 0.28 stored joules; 0.25-joule output at 400 ohms

  • Extremely portable and easy to use

  • Built-in ground-rod strap

  • Built-in fence-wire strap

  • 500 feet of wire

  • 3 position switch: on 1, battery-saver mode; on 2, maximum output; off

  • Digital timing

  • Fence lamp flashes when operational

  • Weather-resistant nonconductive casing

  • Repairs in minutes

  • Built to UL safety specifications

  • Batteries are not included


"I put the Yellow Jacket electric fence to an extreme test last fall. I hunted on Kodiak Island, Alaska. We had 75 mile an hour winds with driving rain and 34 degrees for 7 days. The fence performed flawlessly. I didn't have to change out the batteries at all. Every night I could hear a brown bear walking around our tent but he never bothered us. Because of the weather, we were forced to cook and have food in the tent which is a no no in bear country. The fence kept us and our shelter safe. I won't go out without my fence from now on."


YELLOW JACKET Electric Fence Poly Wire

RSW 500 #085868 00601 2 (Yellow)

  • Standard duty yellow Poly Wire - 3 conductive wires 

  • 500 feet/spool 

Item Name:
YELLOW JACKET  Electric Fence Poly Wire
Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
Price: $19.95

YELLOW JACKET Wood Post Insulators 
#07117.96 (Black) 
  • 1 inch wood post or tree screw in insulators for all fence wire and rope
  • 20 per bag

Item Name:
YELLOW JACKET  Electric Fence Wood Post Insulators
Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
Price: $19.95


B10L1 YELLOW JACKET .25 Joule Output Fencer Controller  -  # 084644000572

  • charges up to 10 miles of fence on 4 D cell batteries, or 6/V and 12V batteries  

Item Name:
B1OL1 YELLOW JACKET .25 Joule Output Fencer Controller
Shipping weight:  5 lbs.
Price: $119.95

Dear Dave,

The maiden voyage was great. No steelies, but the boat performed just perfectly. I caught on pretty quickly, to my pleasant surprise. You can get around to just about anywhere you want. The boat moves pretty quickly. The ability to stand up eliminates the problem of very shallow riffles, which are common in the low flow section of the Feather.

A few drift boats went by, they looked like motor homes with about the same agility.

I did a mini-trip whereby I floated 2 miles of river, packed it all up, and hiked back to my car along the levee. Made the kitchen sink mistake, but after humping it all the way back you can bet that won't happen again.

The Water Strider isn't the best thing since toilet paper, it's better! There are alternatives to the toilet paper but not to this boat. It's the one!

I'm coming to realize this boat opens up a whole new world, even on long-familiar waters. It basically doubles or even triples your fishing area. The other day when I went out, I'd beach at the top of a riffle, bank fish that side, then row up and across and repeat for the other side. Then row up into the center and fish the middle seams and buckets on the drift down. Fished places I'd only looked at for 30 years!

As you can tell I'm very enthusiastic.

Joel B.

Dutch Flat, CA  May 2005


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