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Fly Fishing Gear from Water Strider
Great fly fishing equipment for float fishing your favorite river or lake. See our raft rod holders and raft rods cases.
PowerFull Premium Tippet Material

It's back the end of March!!!
Our thanks to Enrico for his efforts to have the product again.


"The PowerFull tippet material is a fantastic value. I have used them all, frog hair, seaguar and a host of others. I can honestly say that PowerFull is as good or better than any of those $15.00 a spool products. I appreciate the savings." Dennis Goodlin

Enrico Puglisi's PowerFull Premium Tippet Material
is the best leader tippet material I have ever used.

A friend, Ed Schroeder, in Fresno, California told me about it and gave me Enrico Puglisi's phone number. I called him immediately and had him send me some. He express mailed me some and I tried it. "Wow" is what I said.

When you fish sharp hooks are a must but if your tippet material is weak you will break off easily. This is fly fishing talk, so bear with me for a moment... I fish a lot with very small dry flies and the hook will pull out or bend on a large wild trout most of the time or the tippet material will break and of course you loose your fish. PowerFull is the strongest tippet material on the market.

Look at this:  The first six fish I cast to with this tippet material I hooked and landed. I set the hook and hauled them with no break-offs. I'm not kidding. Get some of this material before you fish again and you will see how this amazing tippet material works for yourself. It comes in 25 meter spools from size 2X down to 4X, and 50 meter spools from size 4x to 8x.

Order now and land a lot more fish this season! Price: $4.00 per 25 meter spool and $6.95 per 50 meter spool.

NEW!! Item Name: Tippet Material
50 Meter
Shipping weight: 2 oz.
Price: $6.95

Choose Strength  

Item Name: Tippet Material 25 Meter
Shipping weight: 1 oz.
Price: $4.00

Choose Strength  




  2X 3X 4X 5X 6X 7X  8X
Brand by pound test.
Power Full  10.1 8.9 6.9 5.5 4.4 3.4 2.1
Orvis Super Strong 11.5 8.5 6.0 4.75 3.5 2.4 0.0
Dai-Riki GTS 11.0 8.25 6.0 4.7 3.0 2.4 0.0
Rio-Powerflex 10.0 8.2 6.4 5.0 3.4 2.4 1.5
Umpqua 10.0 8.0 6.0 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.2
Frog Hair 10.0 8.8 6.6 4.7 3.7 2.8 1.8
Compare the material you are now using and see why you will land more fish with the very strong Power Full Tippet Material.  5X, and 8X is really where the extra strength makes the difference.

The 25 meter spools available in 2x, 3x, and 4x. The 50 meter spools are available in 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, and 8x.

Dink and friend with a Dean River Steelhead caught and released on a Water Strider float trip.

Check out our
Angler Gloves!


Larger image

Larger image

Wind River Boat Bag and Chest Pack

Finally a small perfect fly case that fits the Water Strider. Quickly snaps to the d-rings on the handle assembly for safety, easy use and quick access, also can be hung around the neck or attached around the waist for added convince. It is 7”x5 ½”x4” It has dual flotation holders, two coil retractors, a zippered back mesh license pocket, alligator clip and a removable waist belt.

This Wind River case is the best case for the Water Strider we have used. There is lots of room inside for extra items. I carry extra fly boxes, Pro Bars for snacks and lots of leaders, PowerFull Tippet Material and clippers and snips and other handy items like a stomach pump, bug mitt and forceps.

Item Name:
Wind River Boat Bag/Chest Pack

Shipping weight:  1 lb.
Price: $29.95

NEW ! Bifocal 2 AST Sunglasses

UV400 Filter for Maximum UV Protection
Scratch Resistant Coating

Brown Frames, Brown Lens/Clear
Bi-focal Available in Magnifications of +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0

These are a favorite of mine and I have found to use one power stronger than normal for good visibility in tying on flies and doing knots



Bifocal 2 AST Sunglasses
Shipping weight: 6oz.
Price: $29.99

Hand crafted maple fly boxes with the Water Strider logo.

Hand crafted maple fly box interior view.

NEW ! - Beautiful Hand Crafted Maple Wood Fly Boxes 

Perfect for Christmas or any time!

These boxes are beautifully laser engraved with the Water Strider logo or a lovely mountain picture, your choice.  Each box has 2 ripple foam inserts that will hold 2-3 dozen flies.

Each box is individually boxed for shipping.

This is the perfect gift for your angler friends or any person as a gift or Christmas present. Ideal for Father's Day, birthdays or as thank you gifts.

As an added bonus these beautiful hand crafted maple wood fly boxes may be purchased with one dozen custom tied professional selection of flies, 4 dries, 4 emergers, and 4 nymphs for only $26.95.

Item Name:
Water Strider Logo Engraved Fly Box
Shipping weight:  1 lb.
Price: $14.95

Item Name: Water Stride Logo Engraved
Fly Box with 1 doz. custom tied
professional selection of flies, 4 dries, 4 emergers, and 4 nymphs
Shipping weight:  1 lb.
Price: $26.95

Item Name:  Engraved Mountain Picture Fly Box
Shipping weight:  1 lb.
Price: $14.95

Item Name:  Engraved Mountain Picture Fly Box with 1 doz. custom tied professional selection of flies, 4 dries, 4 emergers, and 4 nymphs
Shipping weight:  1 lb.
Price: $26.95

Item Name:  Engraved  MONTANA The Last Best Place
Fly Box
Shipping weight:  1 lb.
Price: $14.95

Item Name:  Engraved MONTANA The Last Best Place Fly Box with 1 doz. custom tied
professional selection of flies, 4 dries, 4 emergers, and 4 nymphs
Shipping weight:  1 lb.
Price: $26.95


The new FLYHEAD Pad lets the Angler put a foam pad on his favorite hat in seconds.  Just peel off the paper to reveal the sticky back and place the pad on the hat.  It's the perfect place for your favorite flies.  Flyhead comes in White, Black and Green.



Shipping weight: 2oz.
Price: $2.50


See FLYHEAD Colors
NEW ! - Guide Junior Measure Net

The Guide Junior is perfect for the Guide and Outfitter. Long reach and break down handle makes it so very convenient to use or travel with. This Measure Net is a must for larger fish like Trout, Steelhead, Silvers, Strippers and all other large fish up to about 4 feet long.
It is designed to fit in the Water Strider bag with the boat and travel to Alaska, New Zealand and Chile or other wonderful places.


Full length:  56”
Collapsed length:  45”
2 piece sections:  24” each
Net size:  12”X20”
Net fish measurement:  36”

Item Name:  Guide Junior Measure Net
Shipping Weight:  4 lbs
Price $79.95

Click here for more images.

NEW ! - The Measure Net
Large Telescoping Handle

The all new Measure Net is a perfect addition the Water Strider. The telescoping handle allows you to reach out that extra distance to slip a big fish into the net. The rubber net it wonderful. Now your fly won't get hooked in the net bag and the fish don't flop around in the net. It has a great rubber handle that floats and it also has a loop on the end of the handle to attach it to the Water Strider. Each Large net comes with 2 Net Bags. One is the nylon mesh bag, very fish friendly, and the other is the rubber coated net bag. Each net bag zips on and is very easy to remove and change. All you have to do to measure your catch is look into the bag and just add the number at the head and the tail together and you have the exact length. Example, 10 at the head and 8 at the tail and you have an 18" fish. If you use barbless hooks you won't have to even touch the fish.

  • Full Length: 42"

  • Collapsed Length: 33.5"

  • Net Length: 18"

  • Net Width: 10.5" at top

  • Fish Length: 32"

Item Name:  The Measure Net - Large Telescoping Handle
Shipping Weight:  2.5 lbs.
Price:  $44.00 (with 2 nets)

Measure Net the perfect gift for all your flyfishing friends.
Large Measure Net with Telescoping Handle

Measure net with a beauty of a Rainbow.
 The Measure Net helps to quickly scoop, measure, photograph and then release beauties like this one Bill Stutz caught on the Clark Fork River in Montana.

Small Measure Net

Small Measure Net

The small Measure Net comes with the rubber coated net bag. All Measure Nets are removable and easily replaced with the zippered net design.

  • Full Length: 19.5"

  • Net Length: 12.5"

  • Net Width: 8.5" at top

  • Fish Length: 20"

Item Name:  The Measure Net - Small
Shipping Weight:  2 lbs.
Price:  $19.95

Why is Dink smiling? Click to find out...

Dinks tips:
I take the strap off of my Water Strider to unroll it and always attach it to the handle. Now you can slip the loop on the Measure Net through the strap and you will have it attached and not loose it while floating and always have lots of length to reach out and net the fish.

Make the most of your next kickboat raft expedition
with these fine Stearns/Hodgman wading clothes, shoes other  products!
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A 9', 4 piece 6 weight fly rod is an ideal rod to use with a Water Strider raft. You can string the rod up, tie on a fly and then disjoint the rod, folding it in half and inserting it into the Soft Rod Case. Then you can attach the rod case on the side of the tube with the equipment strap and it's all ready to go when you are. Floating and fishing is quite different and if you are not ready to cast quickly you can wave good by to that big fish you saw roll on top because you will already be down river. Make sure you wax your ferrules with paraffin wax before you fish. This will help seat the ferrules and the ferrule will stay tight and be easy to take apart when you pack up to leave.

Water Strider Soft Rod Case

My Soft Rod Case is the best way to store your fly rod on your Water Strider raft.

When I float in my Water Strider raft I usually have two rods along, both strung up with a fly tied on, ready to fish. I place one rod in my soft rod case and use the equipment strap on either side of my Water Strider raft to attach it when not in use.

When the case is not in use I roll up or fold the Soft Rod Case into sections and put it in the back of my fishing vest or in the water proof carrying bag for later use.

The Soft Rod Case is made from 1000 denier Cordura nylon with a padded area around the reel.  It is a great investment in protecting your nice rod and reel combinations and at only $29.95 each you should consider owning at least two.


Item Name: Water Strider Soft Rod Case
Shipping weight: 1 lb.
Price: $29.95

Soft Rod Case Stowed on the Water Strider Raft


I recommend you use the Water Strider Soft Rod Case to string your rod up and tie the fly on and then wind the fly into the tip top until the bend of the hook catches on the tip top. Then pull the rod's ferrule apart and fold the rod in half with the fly and tip pointed towards the top of the case next to the reel. This will prevent the fly from catching someplace inside the SRC where it would be hard to get out. (I use barb less flies anyway so that isn't much of a problem for me anyway.)

Before you put your rod back into the SRC repair your leader and tippet and tie on a fresh fly, then put the rod in the case. This way the rod is ready to use the next time you go fishing. You may be walking along a brushy trail or going out to fish before daylight so having your rod strung up and ready to fish is great and you won't break your rod by carrying it strung up and unprotected.

Stripping Apron

Stripping apron ready for use

Stripping apron in stowed position

How to fly fish from a kickboat? 
Read more here.

The Water Strider Raft Stripping Apron included with every new boat. You should use it all the time when floating. I leave my apron attached to my kickboat all the time. The apron has a loop on the left side. Put this loop over the left oar lock before you install the oar. I tie an overhand knot around the handle with the string on the oar nut keeping the knot as close to the oar lock possible.  This prevents the apron from coming off even if the oar is not in place.

On the left edge of the stripping apron are two tie cords. Use these when you roll the apron up out of the way when not in use or when you roll your Water Strider raft up for packing. When you are ready to use the apron, unroll it across your lap.  You will see four black 2 inch wide pieces of Velcro. There are two on each side of the air tubes so you can quickly stretch the apron Velcro it in place.

The front and rear edges of the apron have a two inch lip sewn in so the edge stands up vertically to prevent fly line from slipping off the apron, working like a stripping basket for your fly line. The apron is also a great place to work on your gear or lay out your lunch.

If you need to stand up quickly or get out of the raft the stripping apron will pull away from the Velcro tabs. The loop over the oar and the string ties will prevent you from loosing the apron until you are back in the seat. If you decide to wade fish a shallow run you simply stand up and face the rear of the raft, put the stripping apron back across the raft in its proper place and you can strip line onto the apron. You can make much longer casts by having the line on the apron instead of floating in the stream current.  A stripping apron is included with every Water Strider raft.

Item Name: Stripping Apron
Shipping weight: 1 lb.
Price: $44.95

repair patches contain a high performance adhesive pre-applied to a rugged polyurethane backing that allows a tear to recover under pressure.  These revolutionary new patches have some of the most advanced adhesives produced.  TEAR-AID® repair patches have excellent durability against puncture, moisture, saltwater, sunlight and temperature.
  • Holds air under pressure even when stretched

  • See-thru patch works with all colors

  • Conforms to irregular surfaces

  • Won't turn gummy in high heat

  • UV resistance inhibits discoloring

  • Cuts easily to any size with scissors

  • Won't pull off when stretched

Great for raft repair, waders, tents, air mattresses, tarps, you name it!  Dave says" This is the best all around patch kit I have ever used."

Each TEAR-AID® Repair Patch Kit contains one 3 inch x 12 inch patch (cuts with scissors to any size), one 7/8 inch x 7/8 inch patch, one 1 3/8 inch x 1 3/8 inch patch, 36 inches reinforcement filament and two alcohol prep pads.

Type A is for repairs on most fabrics:  Canvas, Rubber & Neoprene, Most Plastics, Nylon, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Non-Oiled Leather, Sunbrella®.  Use Type A for raft repair.

Item Name: Tear-Air Type A Repair Kit
Shipping Weight 1 pound
Price: $8.95

Type B is for repairs on Vinyl and Vinyl-Coated Materials only.

Item Name: Tear-Aid Type B Repair Kit
Shipping Weight 1 pound
Price: $8.95

Best wader repair ever!


Torn Canvas

Peel and Stick

Repair is Complete



See the complete instructions
here in Adobe Acrobat PDF.


Water Strider inflatable rafts for fishing convenience.


BOLT ACTION Raft Rod Holder
New Model! Works either left or right handed.

Dave's Bolt Action Raft Rod Holder is designed for to work for you in several ways and still be compact.

The Bolt Action Rod Holder mounts on the inside or the outside of the Water Strider raft just in front of the handle of the oar when the oar is laying flat to the side of the air tube. This keeps the rod out of the way when you want to row.

The Bolt Action Rod Holder has two straps that hold it at a 45 degree angle pointing forward out over the bow of the Water Strider raft. This allows you to place the rod in the holder and row backwards at an angle towards shore or to shallower water - even with a fish on.  

The reel handle is in easy reach to wind in line or adjust your drag setting while rowing. This helps when you have a big fish on and want to stand up to fight and land the fish. If you're rowing across a lake you can also troll while rowing. The Water Strider Bolt Action Rod Holder is small, light, secure and very effective. It fits into the raft pack bag without taking up any hardly any space.

12" long x 2" diameter

NOTE: If you need two rod holders click the Add To Cart  button twice.

Item Name: Bolt Action Rod Holder
Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
Price: $24.95

I recommend a 9 foot rod rigged with a matching number 6 weight line when you are floating out of a Water Strider raft. Drift fishing is different, you need to be able to pick up a long line and with one stroke lay it down right in front of a rising fish accurately and delicately. Lighter rods will cause you to have to make several casting strokes to get the fly in position. By then it's usually too late because you've already floated by. - Dave


Carabineers are a great help when floating.  Just clip one on each D-Ring and it make it so quick and easy to attach items and detach items. Also great to attach your car keys to and clip to the boat handle d-ring so you won't loose them.  When floating and camping it make your front gear bag a simple quick tie down by clicking the tie down rope in or out of the Carabineer.

Item Name: Carabineer - 10 per package
Shipping weight: 1 lb.
Price: $19.95


Dinks Tips:
  Anytime you stop on the river bank and get out of your boat you should definitely tie your boat up securely above water level.  I have a Carabineer on the rear D-Ring and clip a short tie rope or just a nylon Dog leash to it and tie it to a tree.  A gust of wind could easily set your boat a drift and it could be a long walk home. You can also attach your backrest strap to one on each side and then if you want to lay down it is easy to unhook your backrest strap and lay back and enjoy the day.


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