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Water Strider Kickboats on DVD

Rafting instruction and adventure all in one great DVD.

Here it is! The New DVD Movie from Water Strider. Watch a veteran group of  Water Strider kickboat rafters tackle steelhead trout on a remote Canadian wilderness river, a nine day expedition using only Water Strider kick boats for river transport and expedition support. The DVD has extensive segments where you'll learn how to set up, prepare for and use these amazing high tech one-man kickboat rafts to float and camp along a wild river or wilderness lake.

  • The introductory Adventure chapter is a four minute clip on the expedition, a couple of whitewater runs and a scene of John Bates landing a nice steelhead.

  • The second chapter is on Set Up & Use, a 30 minute presentation by Dave Inks, showing all of the details of the kick boat with 7-8 minutes of instruction on using the boat in the water.

  • The third chapter is Packing Up - how to disassemble and pack a Water Strider Kickboat so it will be safe for transport, storage and ready to use the next time you take it to a lake or river.

  • Chapter four is a four minute video montage (slide show) of scenes from British Columbia's magnificent Dean River accompanied by music by Nashville singer and composer Joyce Rouse.  For more information about Joyce's music visit www.earthmama.org. Her song "This River" is a tribute to wild and free rivers everywhere.

Own this DVD and you'll learn the secrets that David Inks, developer of the Water Strider personal raft system, uses to safely make wild river floating and float camping the ultimate river floating and fly fishing adventure! A must have DVD for any fan of river floating and steelhead fishing. Order Now! Makes a great gift!

Only $6.95 or FREE with the purchase of a Water Strider Kickboat!

Item Name: Water Strider Adventure DVD
Shipping weight: 1 lb.
Price: $6.95
50 minutes. DVD format only. 

If you need CD or VHS email Dave for special ordering information

Hi Dave:

Yes, your package arrived yesterday. Thanks so very much for all your efforts. I am looking forward to watching the DVD.

When you are up this way again, perhaps drop us a line, and we might be able to arrange something.

Again, I really appreciate all that you have done. It's not very often these days when someone will go the extra mile to help. Your company sets a wonderful example. I have mentioned your efforts to friends. Take care, and again, thanks..... Bob Leech

See a preview of the Adventure chapter of the video here:

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