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One Man Raft Kickboat: An Inflatable Raft Better Than A Drift Boat

The best kickboat raft on any river or lake for Total Access!


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Home There's no place like home, unless you can go fishing in a Water Strider raft.

Water Strider Raft The best inflatable boat on the market.  See why we say that.

Water Strider Raft Details More details about how Water Strider is designed to be the best raft.

Other Rafting Gear Rafting equipment to make your trip more comfortable and fishing more productive.

Instructions for Kirch's Kwik Patch Emergency Rapair Kit. 

Kickboat Fins Also great belly boat and float tube fins.  Dave's fins are designed just for boating.

Wading Gear Stearns Hodgman waders and other fishing and hunting  gear.

Rafting Safety Equipment Be safe, stay out of trouble.

Water Strider Motor Mount Too lazy to kick or paddle?  No problem, put a trolling motor on your raft.

Water Strider Rafts Tools

Air Pumps for Rafts  See our raft inflation guide for pumping up your inflatable without blowing it up!

Kite Air Pumps For Inflatable Kites Battery Kite Pumps

Rafting Safety Lights  See and be seen.  We have great rafting and personal visibility lights for you.

Pencil Torch Fire Starter  This is the best wet weather fire starter going.  Also has lots of other uses.

Water Filtration Systems by Seychelle  The most trusted name in portable water filtration!

Outdoor Clothing  Dave recommends Frogg Toggs.  He may not own any other outdoor clothes!

Sunscreens and Insect Repellent   Rocky Mountain Sunscreens and 10 Hour Insect Repellent.

Camp Kitchen Equipment  Make your own custom camp kitchen from Dave's gear selection.

Pencil Torch Wet Weather Fire Starter and Pocket Torch Water Strider Rafts

Backpacker Lightweight Organic Campers Food

Backpacker Lightweight Organic Campers Food Breakfast Food

Backpacker Lightweight Organic Campers Food Desert Items

Backpacker Lightweight Organic Campers Food Lunch and Dinner Food

Backpacker Lightweight Organic Campers Food Soup Items

Camping Equipment  Some great gear to make camping more comfortable.

PROBAR Energy Bars for Kick Boating, Fishing, River Rafting or Float Camping.

PROBAR Ingredients  

Kelly Kettle   This totally amazing piece of camp kitchen gear will boil water in 3 to 5 minutes

Portable Electric Fence  Keep the bears out of your camp.  This is the best bear deterrent around.

Rafting & Fishing Books  Some good reading if you like to float or fish.

Fly Fishing Equipment  Check out Dave's affordable custom rods and PowerFull tippet material.

Water Strider Angler Glove  Water Strider's must have Angler Gloves.

Float Fishing Instruction  If you want to learn from the Master, sign up for one of Dave's courses.

Water Strider Dream Trips Fishing Adventures Fly Fishing Excursions

Rafter & Fly Fisher Gifts  Some nice gift ideas for your favorite river rat or fishing fanatic.

Water Strider Videos  See Water Strider whitewater action and learn about how to use your boat.

Water Strider Inventory  A complete listing of all the great rafting gear for sale on the Water Strider web.

Water Strider Info

How to Fly Fish from a Water Strider Raft Kickboat by Dave Inks

About Mr. Water Strider  Meet Dave and see some great fishing photos.

Buying A Used Raft  Dave's recommendations on how to check out a used raft before you buy.

Raft Maintenance  Information about raft maintenance, cleaning and patching supplies.

303 Water Strider Boat Cleaner Directions popup  Additional information on 303 Water Strider Boat Cleaner.

Hunting From a Kickboat  You should have thought of this sooner, makes a great hunting boat.

Water Strider FAQ's  Answers about Water Strider Kickboats.  Hey, this is how you learn!

Water Strider Owners Club  When you buy a Water Strider you are in the club.  Great fun.

Water Strider History Learn all about the history and background of the Water Strider kickboat.

Ordering Help  If you have questions about ordering, the answers may be here.

Service & Guarantee  You get a great guarantee with your Water Strider and great help if you need it.

Privacy Policy  We respect your privacy, all the details are spelled out here.

Water Strider Terms of Use  These are the terms of use for Water Strider.

Links  Web sites and resources that may be of interest to you.

Contact Us  Use out handy contact form to tell us what you need to know.

Site Map  This is the site map!

One Man Raft Kickboat Photo Gallery  See exciting photos of the Water Strider in action.

K Pump K-20 Raft Kite Paddle Board Pumps Water Strider

K Pump K-20 Video SUP Stand Up Paddle Board High Pressure Pump Water Strider

Fishing Montana With A Licensed Guide Water Strider Flyfishing

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