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One Man Raft Kickboat: An Inflatable Raft Better Than A Drift Boat

The best kickboat raft on any river or lake for Total Access!


Water Strider Raft Inflatable Boat

Best one man or one woman raft on any river or lake.

Water Strider chosen by Field & Stream Best of the Best Awards
for Fishing Craft!

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Dave Inks fly fishing from his Water Strider on the Lochsa River in Idaho.

Water Strider is now
 Expedition Grade.  Get one for your next great adventure!
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The fabric
used in making the Water Strider™ raft is the very best available and the strongest and lightest in the industry. The raft material is made from PU (polyurethane) and PVC with a standard polyester woven base cloth. PU is a premium grade material that is four times more expensive than the material used in ordinary pontoon raft construction. By using this unique, premium grade material we have reduced the weight of the Water Strider raft by 25%. This produces the lightest, strongest kickboat made.

All seams on a Water Strider raft are hot air welded using a one-inch seam that is sealed on the inside edge, thus preventing porosity. All component parts on the outside of the Water Strider kickboat are RF (electronic radio frequency) welded into place. This process, along with the hot-air welding, makes the Water Strider raft the most durable one man or one woman raft there is. Glued seams have a shelf life and will rot with age. Other fabrics like Hypolon rot with age due to the destructive UV effects of the sun. Unlike other products, the Water Strider raft will literally last for generations.

"Float plane in, drop off, and float out - the Water Strider  raft adds a dimension to my fishing that no other system has. There's not enough room to include all the advantages of the  Water Strider raft."

- Doyle Merrow

Water Strider 1-Man Raft / Kick Boat

See a 30 second Water Strider TV commercial showing the raft in action.

Length 92"
Width 49"
Air Tube 13" @ front to17" @ rear
3 Air Chambers Inside is 62" front to rear
Air Ride Seat 31" long 22" wide @ front
Self Bailing Floor 31" long opening
Tube Air Pressure About 3 LBS
Seat Air Pressure About 2.5 LBS

See a Water Strider in expedition action on British Columbia's wild Dean River!

See the movie page and a preview here >>

New Zealand White Water Rafting Photos Rangitikei River January 2006  or look at our online Photo Gallery.

  • All of the Water Strider's metal parts are made of stainless steel including all 12 D-rings, oar lock screws and the springs in the air valves.

  • Oar Shafts are made of high-grade aluminum for lightness and completely anodized for corrosion prevention.

  • Oars and the Oar Locks are designed to handle rough use and Class III rivers with ease. An experienced white water rafter can handle more difficult water depending on his or her ability.

  • The two-inch wide Foot Strap is made out of seat belt material and is designed to hold your feet up out of the water when rowing. It's strong enough to sit on when floating and you want to have a lower profile to stay out of view of rising fish that are up close by.

  • The coated mesh Stripping Apron with integral two-inch lip is primarily designed to keep fly line from dropping in to the water around your legs. When not in use it is easily rolled up to the side and is locked onto the raft by the oar shaft and the cord that holds the oar nut in place. The stripping apron also has four large Velcro tabs on each corner to hold it in place while fishing or eating lunch. It is designed to break away instantly when you have to stand up quickly.

  • The 3 piece oars comes packed in a nylon bag large enough to carry a 3rd oar for extended trips.

  • Everything you need for a float fits in the Water Strider Expedition Dry Bag BackpackThe Water Strider Heavy Duty Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack (one included with every new boat) is actually a waterproof PVC dry bag that is large enough to carry the Water Strider kickboat and all of your gear. The backpack has padded straps for easy carrying and compression straps to help compact the internal load when carrying on your back. The bag attaches to the back of the Kickboat with clips when floating and thereby does double duty in carrying your other gear, lunch and any other gear you want to bring along. The dry bag pack is large enough to hold a four-piece rod tube large enough for two or more rods.

NOTE: An extra day bag is available as an accessory for multi-day expedition floats. It can be attached to the front of the Water Strider raft to carry food, your tent, sleeping bag and anything else you need for an extended float camping trip!

Load Capacity - The Water Strider raft has approximately 17 cubic feet of flotation. This puts it in a class by itself. Most pontoon type rafts have very little actual floatation. Safety is our first concern and function is our second most important consideration. The submerged buoyancy of a Water Strider raft is more than 1000 pounds but that is just at water level and with that much weight on it would be submerged. We recommend that the maximum load is 515 pounds. This much weight would have you float at the 50% level or at the strake on the side. This is called submerged buoyancy factor. You see that you can easily carry a person and all the gear you would want to have with you. We often go on world wide trips and carry everything needed for an extended expedition length trips of more than 30 days and be in total comfort.

The Water Strider is the most compact oar and fin driven portable one man or one woman raft there is. The high tech design allows river and lake floating safely. It is easy to carry and has virtually no installation except to add air and put the oars in place. Water Strider raft needs no frame and is rock solid when properly inflated. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes to have it ready for floating. You can also repack it into the dry bag just as easily in 3 to 5 minutes. The compact design allows you to take the Water Strider raft every place you go. You can check it as baggage on any airline without problem. You can put it in a jet boat and be transported up a remote river or float out to a pick up point. Float planes can carry you and all your gear into the wilderness to the drop zone and then pick you up at the bottom. Horse packers can carry you and your Water Strider raft into the back country for great wilderness lake fishing trips. You can even ride a bicycle to a river and float with your bike lashed onto the back. When you're done floating you can ride back to your put-in on your bike by carrying your Water Strider raft on your back in the backpack dry bag

"This is the only kick boat that fills all the needs of the fly fisherman whether lakes or rivers, I've tried them all and the Water Strider  raft is the only craft on the market worth my money and time. So lightweight you can take it anywhere in the world, with a set up time of just a few minutes."

- Dennis Black

The Water Strider raft will easily fit into the trunk of a small economy car. We travel world wide floating great rivers at very little expense. Air fare and a food is all you need and you can stay as long as you want. When you arrive home the complete Dry Bag Backpack will just hang in the garage or fit in a closet out of the way. Young people and women can handle the Water Strider raft with ease after just a few minutes of training. My wife and I enjoy floating and cooking dinner on the river in the lovely summer evenings on the Montana rivers around our home.

The inflatable self-bailing floor and Air Ride inflatable seat and inflatable Back Rest are incredibly comfortable and fully adjustable to fit anyone. The back rest is adjustable for any leg length to fit the foot strap distance with comfort.

The front section of the raft is open to the water and allows you to let your legs hang in the water and steer with your feet when you have Kickboat Fins on. When the water gets shallow (less than knee deep) just put your feet up on the foot strap and row into shore. Once there you can then just stand up and lift the Water Strider raft up and walk ashore with virtually no effort. The two heavy duty handles allow you to lift the Water Strider raft with you when you want to stand up and walk out of the water. With no floor in the raft the hydraulics that are caused when a regular raft or boat fill with water and is pulled under is eliminated. The Water Strider raft design prevents this from happening.

Water Strider Expedition Dry Bag Backpack with Oar Bag Attached

Water Strider Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack - Everything fits in here.

There are two Equipment Straps on the sides to attach the oars to when you want to pick the raft up shoulder it and walk with it fully inflated. You can put in and take out your one-man raft almost any place you want. You don't have to depend on boat launches or docks. Just stop at the shoreline anyplace you want, deflate your Water Strider raft, put it into the backpack and walk away. You can slide down steep banks and place it over fences and go almost anywhere you want.

On big lakes with windy conditions I recommend that you use either small gas or electric motor. Our Motor Mount is compact and will fit flat into the Water Strider Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack. A Water Strider raft will operate very well with a gas motor up to 3 HP or any electric trolling motor. I use a 40-pound thrust Minkota run by a Gel Cell 12 volt battery. Gel Cell batteries have no fluid in them, are very light, are easy to carry and recharge.

Water Strider raft is a complete system.  There is nothing else that comes close to Water Strider raft.

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June 2008

Hi Dave!

Thanks for taking the time over the weekend to show and sell me a WS.

My boat had her maiden voyage on the Beaverhead yesterday, from High Bridge to Henneberry. It was awesome. I have a lot to learn in terms of keeping my arms, legs, the rod, the fly and the boat all going in the same direction, But from the start I was able to fish more water, and for more drifts, than I have been able to do before. It's better than a pontoon boat (even without using the fins, although I did use them), because when I got to a spot I wanted to fish and then wade, I could just stand up. I am a pretty aggressive wader generally and the WS both extends my range and increases the safety. I don't have to worry about how am going to back upstream on a downstream wade or back to the bank from a tough wade to reach a middle river or opposite bank pocket. All I had to do was sit down and float, and then stand up again at the bottom of the run, or just continue on through. As a wading assist machine alone, the WS is worth the price.

The water was not deep (the Beav' was running at about 120 cfs), so it would have been wadeable without the WS. But I was able to cover much more water and get to many more spots in a shorter period of time. It was a seamless combination of floating, wading and fishing that kept me in fishy water more or less constantly. I was nymphing most of the time, and I think I more than doubled the amount of time I was drifting my bug in good water compared to what I would have done in a pontoon boat or pram. Also, because of the ease of stopping and starting, I could stop and throw a few extra casts in spots where I would have had one or maybe two shots only as a passenger with someone else on the oars, even with a good guide willing to work the oars.

I am looking forward to developing my technique to fully utilize the WS, particularly fishing on the run. What I had in mind in particular in buying a WS was being able to fish while floating, with the kick boat aspect of the system giving me the ability to control the craft to hit the banks with streamers and to cast nymphs and dries to otherwise unreachable pools and pockets. But now I can see that in addition to allowing me to fish spots solo that otherwise would require a trip with someone else on the oars, the WS will allow me to expand the range and intensity of my wade fishing -- all with the safety of having a "life vest" I can sit back into when the water gets a little to deep or the current a little to fast and I otherwise would be going for a swim.


Paul N.

Kickboat it up a notch! Get a Water Strider kickboat raft now and be ready for outdoor fun and adventure on your favorite river or lake! Only $1795.00

Just add air and water!

Every new Water Strider raft comes standard with:

  • 3 Piece HD Oars with Storage Bag

  • Inflatable Back Rest

  • Model K 100 hand pump

  • Heavy Duty Waterproof Dry Bag

  • Ruled Stripping Apron

  • Patch kit & Instructional DVD

  • New Roll Up Instructions


Available in two colors: 



Water Strider Kickboat Raft
Shipping weight: 33 lbs.
Price: $1,795.00

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